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Mead, the likely ancestor of all fermented drinks, is arguably best described as ?honey wine,? and the meadmaking process has somewhat more in common with winemaking than with brewing, though elements of both are present. Mead comes in an infinite variety of flavors and textures, and provides an astounding vehicle for your creativity. You are limited only by the honey and other raw materials you select.

At The Beverage People, our Mead Department was designed by three-time national Meadmaker of the Year, Byron Burch. As a result, when you follow our procedures and recipes, you are working with the best possible materials and information. Let us help you discover the noble drink of ancient kings, and their antecedent gods.

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Cleaning and Sanitizing 101 - The Beverage People (PDF, 60 KB)

One of the most important aspects of any fermentation is keeping your equipment sanitary. This article outlines the basic steps and products for keeping it clean.

Meadmaking Recipes - Author: Byron Burch (HTML)

These instructions guide you through a variety of mead styles including traditional honey mead, fruity melomel, spiced metheglin, and malty braggot.

Melomel Recipes - Author: Byron Burch (HTML)

Meads flavored with various fruits or berries are traditionally called "Melomels." Our index of melomel recipes will guide you through many of the abundant possible variations.

Making Ginger Braggot - Author: Byron Burch (PDF, 52KB)

Home brewers who've made "honey beers" have already experienced something approaching a "braggot." This article discusses braggots and gives step-by-step instructions for making a Ginger Braggot, making use of dry malt extract.

For experienced homebrewers who prefer to use grain only, rather than malt extract, click here and print an all-grain version of the same recipe.

Making Sparkling Mead - Author: The Beverage People (PDF, 269.9 KB)

This is a very nice sparkling mead made in the country champagne style.

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