Nelson Sauvin NZ Hop Pellets 2 oz.

Nelson Sauvin NZ Hop Pellets 2 oz.

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The highly sought after Nelson Sauvin from New Zealand is one of the most distinctive "new school" hop varieties. The fruity and slightly spicy aromas of Nelson Sauvin are as at home in a hazy New England style IPA as they are in a saison or pale lager.
  • Hop Form: Type 90 Pellets
  • Alpha Acids: 11-13%
  • Smells Like: Tropical Fruit, Gooseberry, sauvignon blanc
  • Best Suited For: Hoppy Ales - Hazy and Juicy IPAs, NZ style lagers


How to Use

To Calculate IBU:

IBU per Addition = [AA%] x [Ounces Hops] x [Boil Time Factor]

Add the IBU from each addition for total predicted IBU

Boil Time Factor for 5 gallon batches by time of hop addition:

60+ 4.0
55 3.5
50 3.1
45 2.7
40 2.2
35 1.8
30 1.4
25 1.2
20 1.1
15 1.0
10 0.8
5 0.7
Whirlpool 0.6
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