Go-Ferm Protect Evolution - 2.5 kg

Go-Ferm Protect Evolution - 2.5 kg

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Go-Ferm Protect Evolution® is a natural yeast rehydration nutrient developed specifical­ly for problem musts and stuck fermentations. It is certified organic by OMRI. Difficult fermentation conditions may include overripe fruit (>28°B), marginal fruit quality (poorly developed fruit, Botrytis, rot, high bacteria count, insecticide or fungicide residue), low nutrient levels and overclarified juice.

Go-Ferm Protect is the result of a multi-year study of prob­lem fermentations by Lallemand and National Agricultural Research Institute (INRA) in France. Their scientists found that in problem musts deficiencies in sterols and polyun­saturated fatty acids can leave yeast susceptible to osmotic shock, ethanol toxicity, temperature and other stress factors. The NATSTEPTM (NATural STErol Protection) process was designed to meet these fermentation challenges.

Go-Ferm Protect incorporates sterols and polyunsaturated fatty acids (for cell protection) together with vitamins and minerals to help ensure yeast survival and to help main­tain fermentation activity to completion. Go-Ferm Protect provides a combination of protective and nutritive benefits for optimal fermentation results.

How to Use

Basic Directions:

Use 3 oz. Go-Ferm per 1000 lbs. of grapes, mixed into 2 quarts distilled water at 110F. Cool mixture to 104F or below and add 70-80 grams of yeast. Allow yeast to bloom for 15-30 minutes. Pitch into must. (1/4 oz. per 100 lbs. of grapes in 8 oz. water, adding 7-8 grams of yeast.)

For a more complete discussion and rehydration procedures:

Please open this printable pdf instruction.

Stuck Fermentation:

See our article on Restarting Stuck Wine Fermentations.

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