Maestoso AKA Muse H2S Preventing Wine Yeast - 10 g

Maestoso AKA Muse H2S Preventing Wine Yeast - 10 g

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Maestoso AKA Muse wine yeast is bred without the ability to produce hydrogen sulfide, the rotten egg smell which can mask or ruin the fruit aroma in your wine. This yeast is meant to be used for the fermentation of big reds such as, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Zin. For Cider production, it is recommended for New World, French, Perry, and Fruit Ciders, but not for styles fortified with sucrose or heavily sulfited. Wines and Ciders produced with H2S are considered to be more “open and bright” in the absence of sulfurous aromatics.

Background: UC Davis's researcher Linda Bisson identified naturally occuring yeasts incapable of producing H2S---in this case strain UCD932 isolated in Italy. Through natural breeding programs they have developed new strains, crossing these non-GMO no-H2S strains with other yeasts known for desirable characteristics, and resulting in a new selection of winemaking yeast choices. The Beverage People is happy to provide the home winemaker access to this new strain.

  • Vigor: Moderate
  • Optimal Temperature Range: 64 - 77 Farenheit
  • Cold Tolerance: 59 Farenheit
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 16%
  • Nutrient Needs: Moderate to High
  • Foam Production: Moderate
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Our Yeast Recommendation Chart provides specifications about alcohol tolerance, temperature range, nutrient needs, vigor, and much more.  It will allow you to compare our whole selection of available strains and narrow down to the perfect yeast choice.

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