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This grape listing blog is a free resource for both the wine maker as well as the grower. Local growers can list their fruit for sale.  Please only list fruit local to Sonoma County and its environs. 


If you would like to place a listing, please submit a post here AND send a quick email to to request the posting be approved. There is no fee. In the comments field below, please COPY & PASTE the following template and fill in the blanks, or create your own with similar info.  

Growers, you may like to use this template and fill in the blanks.

Grape Varietal(s) Available:
Listing Date:
Estimated Pick Date:
Who picks?
Age of vines:
Contact info:

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  1. Zinfandel grapes from the Russian River Valley appellation
    St. George rootstock
    Grown on small 1/8 acre site.
    Vines are head-trained.
    Planted in 2007
    Some irrigation used, but mostly dry-farmed

    Availability is limited. After bloom, a crop estimate will be posted.

    Those interested can visit the site during the growing season and discuss farming practices
    Call to make an appointment for field visit

    Priced at $1.25 per pound.

    Purchases of small quantities can be made.

    Contact Mike at 650-583-2414.

  2. Grape Varietal(s) Available: Russian River Pinot Noir
    Listing Date: 6/1/22
    Pricing: $6,750 per ton
    Estimated Pick Date: 9/1/22
    Min/Max: 1/3 tons
    Who picks? We’ll pick; You pick-up
    Age of vines: 8-11 years old
    Rootstock: 101-14
    Clone: Joseph Swan 97
    Location: Russian River Valley – Next To La Crema
    Contact info: David Gavrich (415) 515-3703

  3. Grape Varietal(s) Available: Pinot Noir (1500-2000 lbs), Petite Syrah (500-600 lbs), Zinfandel (1000-1200 lbs)
    Listing Date: 7/20/22
    Pricing: $3/pound
    Estimated Pick Date: Pinot Noir – mid/end of August, Petite Syrah – mid/end of Sept, Zin – mid/end of Sept.
    Min/Max: None. Preference given to someone that wants the entire block of a single varietal.
    Who picks? You do.
    Age of vines:
    Rootstock: Pinot Noir – 101-14, Petite Syrah – 101-14, Zin – Saint George
    Clone: Pinot Noir – 828 and 667, Petite Syrah – FPS03, Zin – Dupratt
    Other: Buyer must provide containers. I have a certified scale.
    Location: Forestville
    Contact info: Alvin Hasin 707-484-3671 to arrange inspection and placing of deposit.

  4. “Ed, please message me again. Your contact information was deleted from my phone. Thank you!”

    Grape Varietal(s) Available: Pinot Noir 115
    Listing Date:8/2/2022
    Pricing: $4,000/ton
    Estimated Pick Date: End August/Beginning of September ***13 Brix on 8/1/22***
    Min/Max: 100 lb minimum. 1-1.5 tons available.
    Who picks? I pick; You drop off bins and pick up at vineyard or I can deliver to you in Sonoma County.
    Age of vines: 2008
    Clone: 115
    Canopy Management: VSP; Retraining from Spur-pruned cordon to Guyot.
    Other: Motorized Crusher/Destemmer and (1) 1/2 ton bin available for same day processing.
    Location: Petaluma Gap, West Side Petaluma off Liberty Road.
    Contact info: (573)353-6702 text

  5. Varietal: Pinot Noir
    Listing Date: 1 August 2022
    Pricing: $4,250/ton
    Estimated Pick Date: late August
    Who picks? We can hand pick at night into your bins. Or you can pick.
    Clones: Pommard and Swan
    Rootstock: 420A
    Location: 1337 Woody Creek Lane, Windsor
    Contact info: Peg Champion, 650-384-5195 text or call

  6. Grape Varietal(s) Available: Cabernet Sauvignon & Zinfandel
    Listing Date: 8/8/22
    Pricing: $1.50 per pound
    Estimated Pick Date: Late August for CabSauv, late September for Zinfandel
    Min/Max: 600-700 pounds of each. Preference given to someone who takes the entire block of a single varietal.
    Who picks? You pick, we can provide a scale
    Age of vines: 10+ years
    Other: Dry-farming, vines are head-trained. High quality grapes at the border of Alexander Valley and Dry Creek, up on the hills with cooling air.
    Location: Healdsburg, Dry Creek exit, near Rosewood Dr
    Contact: Michael at 650-248-5350 to arrange inspection and placing of deposit.

  7. Grape Varietal(s) Available: Syrah
    Listing Date: 8/6/2022
    Pricing: $1.50/lb.
    Estimated Pick Date: Late September/early October
    Min/Max:1,500 – 2,00 lbs. available, minimum 300 lbs., preference for larger orders
    Who picks? You pick
    Age of vines: 3 years, planted summer 2019 bare root, second leaf
    Rootstock: 1103P
    Clone: Syarh 877
    Other: Wine in barrel available to taste from 2021 pick.
    Location: Top end of Son Cell: 707.529.3966oma Valley, near Santa Rosa
    Contact info: Craig House

  8. Grape Varietal(s) Available: Cabernet sauvignon
    Listing Date: 8/8/22
    Pricing: $1.25 per pound
    Estimated Pick Date: Oct. 1 – 15
    Min/Max: 200 pound minimum, no maximum
    Who picks? Pick your own
    Age of vines: 9 years
    Rootstock: 110R
    Clone: FPS 07
    Other: Approximately 2,000 pounds available
    Location: Hopland, CA
    Contact info: Larry Costello (

  9. Grape Varietal(s) Available: Pinot Noir
    Listing Date: 8/10/22
    Pricing: $3,950 per ton. Price will be lower if buyer picks.
    Estimated Pick Date: 8-25 to 9-5
    Min/Max: 1 to 1 1/2 tons (estimate)
    Who picks? We can pick, but prefer buyer picks
    Age of vines: 4 years (2nd year of fruit)
    Rootstock: SO4
    Clone: Pommard
    Other: Organically farmed, managed by C&L Vineyards, Inc.
    Location: Russian River appellation (adjacent to Bricoleur Vineyards), Windsor
    Contact info: Chris Landwehr, 707-953-8200,

  10. Looking for Sav Blanc (preferably from Mendocino County)- about 700-800 pounds. I got two kids so we can pick. Please send a text.


  11. Cabernet & Merlot Grapes from Vineyard in Kenwood for Sale

    Beautiful Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes from our 1 acre boutique vineyard located in the famous wine country town of Kenwood available for purchase this harvest season. We sell in small and large quantities, perfect for the home winemakers or small wineries – our fruits even won Double Gold in a recent Sonoma County Harvest Festival.

    Please email or call us for additional details and to secure your supply.

    Yang & Ya Ling

  12. Grape Varietal(s) Available:Syrah and Zinfandel
    Listing Date: 8/23/2022
    Pricing: $1.25/lb
    Estimated Pick Date: 9/9/02 to 9/11/02 (estimated)
    Min/Max: 100 lbs./500+ lbs.
    Who picks? Prefer you pick, we can help
    Age of vines: Syrah: 17 yrs.; Zin: 12 yrs.
    Rootstock: Syrah: 44-53M; Zin: 101-14
    Clone: Syrah: UCD Clone 3; Zin: Dupratt
    Other: Drip & dry farmed; VSP trained; organically farmed
    Location: Vine Hill Rd., across from Sonoma Cutrer vyds
    Contact info: Tom Noggle, 510-387-6719

  13. Pinot Noir – Ready to pick now
    Professionally managed, sustainable hillside vineyard in Kenwood (Sonoma Valley AVA)

    Listing Date: August 28, 2022
    Pricing: $1.50/lb you pick; $1.75/lb we pick
    Estimated Pick Date: 8/28/2022
    Min/Max: 100-250 lbs
    Who picks? (see pricing above)
    Age of vines: 14+ years

    Contact info: Randi Grindstaff at or 972-816-1621

  14. Grape Varietal(s) Available: Merlot
    Listing Date: 8/30/2022
    Pricing: $1.20/lb Approx 2 tons now available
    Estimated Pick Date: 9/2
    Min/Max: until gone
    Who picks? buyer picks
    Age of vines: approx 20 years
    Location: 5342 Monte Verde Dr; Santa Rosa 95409
    Contact info: Paul 707-508-5355

  15. Listing date: 9/2/22

    Cabernet Sauvignon- Up to 2 Tons
    Clone 8
    30 year old vines
    Hopland. Mendocino County
    1000 ft elevation
    Low Yield High Quality Grapes
    We pick $1/pound ($2,000/ton)
    You pick 70 cents per pound

    Merlot- Up to 500 lbs

    Cab Franc- Up to 500 lbs

    Contact Lou Ravano at 415-370-0400 or

  16. I have about 400-500 pounds of high quality Chalk Hill Cabernet Sauvignon grown on a hillside. Brix are perfect, clusters large and should be picked asap.

    Grape Varietal(s) Available: Cabernet
    Listing Date: 9/6/22
    Pricing: $1.25 per pound
    Estimated Pick Date: Immediate
    Who picks? You pick
    Age of vines: 9 years old

    Location: Chalk Hill area
    Contact info:

  17. Grape Varietal(s) Available: Petite Syrah
    Listing Date: 9.7.22
    Pricing: $2.50 /pound
    Estimated Pick Date: ASAP
    Who picks? Flexible
    Age of vines: 5-10 Years Old
    Rootstock: 101-10
    Clone: Durif 03 and 04
    Other: vines are head trained. About 1,100 lb. available. Brix at 25
    Location: Sonoma – Dimond A (Grove St)
    Contact info: Vlad 415-518-9309 or email

  18. Grape Varietal(s) Available: Petit Verdot
    Listing Date: 9/11/22
    Pricing: Looking for someone to take over production of 1/4 acre of grapes in exchange for part of final wine production. Open to negotiations.
    Estimated Pick Date: Typically October
    Min/Max: Usually final production is around 60 gallons of wine.
    Who picks? TBD
    Age of vines: ~7 years
    Rootstock: Purchased from Nova Vines.
    Other: I have been self managing the grapes as a hobby, but would like to take a step back. Open to any suggestions.
    Location: Kenwood
    Contact info: John Fitzpatrick 415-601-4290 (note:Jhon is correct spelling in email)

  19. Listing date: 9/13/22
    We have around 700 lbs. of fruit, maybe a little more. Organically farmed with no herbicides or pesticides.
    Cost: 0.25 cents/lb
    Grape Varietal(s) Available: Zinfandel
    Estimated Pick Date: Now, currently 25 brix
    Age of vines: 9 years
    Location: Healdsburg

    Contact info:

  20. Listing date: 9/16/22
    Grape Varietal(s) Available:
    Cabernet Sauvignon 1 ton
    Merlot 2 tons
    Petit Sirah 1 ton
    Zinfandel 1/2 ton
    Sauvignon Blanc 1/2 ton

    Pricing: $1.00/lb You pick.
    Estimated Pick Date: When you schedule the pick with me.
    Min/Max: 100 lbs – 2 tons
    Who picks? You pick into your containers.
    Age of vines: The vines are approximately 20 years old
    Rootstock: The rootstock is 5C.
    Clone: The clones are local selections from the Dry Creek Valley.
    Other: Surplus fruit from this vineyard is being sold. Fruit is in good shape.
    Location: Dry Creek Road outside of the town of Healdsburg, Sonoma County.
    Contact info: Hector Bedolla,, 1-(707)-478-9555

  21. Grape Varietal(s) Available: MERLOT
    Listing Date: 9/30/2022
    Pricing: $1.00 per pound
    Estimated Pick Date: Ready Now
    Min/Max: 100+ lbs
    Who picks? Buyer/Seller
    Age of vines: 20 yrs
    Rootstock: 1103P
    Clone: 3
    Other: Call for details
    Location: Kenwood, CA
    Contact info: Bob – Cell (650) 678-3377

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