Joe Hanson-Hirt

Associate, Merchandising Manager, Manufacturing Manager


Joe studied biology at the University of Portland. His sophomore year he was lucky enough to spend a year studying abroad in Salzburg, Austria. In Europe he discovered his love of beer, trying the famous styles of Germany, Austria, Belgium, and the Czech Republic. After returning to the states, he was surprised to find out that homebrewing was legal. He and a friend turned to making their own beer.  After a trip to the local homebrew shop and a couple of brews under his belt, he was hooked. Quickly he branched out into other fermentations including mead, cider, wine, and fruit wine making. He has a particular fondness for recipe design, blackberry meads, hoppy and bitter beers, and German lagers.  Joe worked on staff between 2013 to 2016, becoming a shop manager during that time.  He returned to staff in 2019 to become our indomitable manager of both Merchandising and Manufacturing.

Below you may find a selection of articles contributed to The Beverage People by Joe Hanson-Hirt.

Meet The Beverage People Staff - Joe Hanson-Hirt