Industry Discount - Registration Required



Our 25% industry/wholesale discount is applied to all orders, whether placed online or in-store. Additionally, our online-only 25% discount may be used on all items that are eligible.

Eligibility: To access our industry/wholesale pricing, you must be a buyer for a local company in the industries we support---the beverage and food industries.  We generally approve accounts for all wineries, vineyards, breweries, restaurants, bars, and associated industry companies.  To set up your account, simply bring along your business card on your next visit to our warehouse and we will set up your account quickly during your visit.

Make the most of our industry pricing by ordering ahead online. The industry/wholesale discount may be combined with our online-only ordering discount.  Most of our goods are eligible for our online-only 25% discount.  Items priced above $200 individually are not eligible for this discount (but they are still eligible for the 25% industry/wholesale discount!).  

How to access the online-industry pricing: Once you are registered as an industry account by our staff, you will simply need to log into our website.  The item price shown on every webpage will be changed to apply your industry discount, as well as the online-only discount where it applies.

Exclusions:  Don't worry there are very few exclusions.  All goods that we stock are eligible.  Special order items are not eligible for discount. Also, services such as lab testing and rentals are excluded.