The Beverage People Fermenters Community Membership Program

Fermenters Community Membership Program

Our membership program is available to our brick-and-mortar local customers as well as online customers who wish to participate.


The Beverage People has organized a Membership Program that will immediately give you 15% OFF all our goods for one full year---everyday, every item in stock.  With everyday price levels set at competitive rates in our industry, the membership will ensure that you are getting excellent deals every purchase while helping support your shop with your highly valued patronage. The annual membership is $20 per year. Enroll using the link above or during your next visit to our retail warehouse.




15% OFF Everyday Discount + 25% Online Shopping Discount

When you shop in-store, your entire bill for purchase of goods purchased from our stock will have the price reduced by 15% at checkout. When shopping online, this discount is applied IN ADDITION TO our 25% online-only offer on most goods, resulting in a huge discount on those purchases.  Discount may also be applied on top of published quantity-based price breaks such as cases of wine bottles. Discount will not be applied to special orders items or purchases. 

15% member discount + 25% online-only discount = GREAT DEALS EVERY DAY for members when shopping online

Available on most goods but not all. Online-only.


FREE RO Water Available to You In Store, Everyday

We maintain a Reverse Osmosis water filtration system with on-demand water supply in our warehouse.  Members may utilize this system for free during the period of their membership.  RO water is known to be one of the best ingredients for production of excellent quality beers.  It is also useful for winemakers when water must be added to the must for amelioration.