Wine & Cider Testing Services in Santa Rosa

We can perform three important tests on your wine/cider for you with our in-house wine laboratory test equipment.  Samples may be brought directly to The Beverage People for analysis.  Results are typically provided by email in less than 48 hours.


Available testing:

1. Free SO2 (sulfur dioxide) - $18

2. pH and TA (titratable acidity) - panel - $18

3. Malolactic Fermentation endpoint (residual malic) - $18 - UNAVAILABLE UNTIL HARVEST 2024 


How to prepare your wine sample:

Bottles for collecting samples are available for sale at The Beverage People (see bottom of page), or bring in your own small, well sealed container with a minimum of 50 ml sample. You may need a wine thief to help filling the bottles (see bottom of page).

If your sample is juice rather than wine, ensure that all solids have been settled out and bring us a sample of only the clear juice.  You may need to settle the sample under refrigeration overnight and decant a sample for testing.

Please note that Free SO2 testing requires a fresh sample in a container with no head space so as to avoid any loss of this volatile gas before testing.  Also, take care to avoid excessive splashing during sample collection and transport.

Deliver your sample in-person at The Beverage People's Fermenters Warehouse during business hours.

How are test results communicated?

Results are typically provided in less than 48 hours.  Your test results will be emailed to you along with reading material that will help you understand the results.  Private Lessons are available to help expand your knowledge as necessary to make the most of your test results.





This meter tests pH, titratable acidity, and Free SO2 in wine. This test meter is also available for purchase and is user-friendly for home use. 



This meter tests for the completion of malo-lactic fermentation. ReflectoQuant results are provided as a residual malic acid reading of either a PPM reading below 60, or a result of HIGH if ML is not complete.