Private Instruction - Brewing, Winemaking, Cider, Cheesemaking

While COVID caused us to close down our classroom for now, our response is that we are now making our staff available to you for Private Instruction. We hope this will offer our hobbyists more than a group class ever could.

About Scheduling a Private Instruction

Home Brewing

Full Lesson Plan Includes:

  • Sensory Training – Basic
  • Basic Brewing – Extract
  • Bottling, Kegging & Counter Pressure Filling
  • Water Profile & Adjustment – Basic
  • The World of Yeast
  • The World of Hops
  • The World of Malt
  • Brewing Math
  • Wild & Sour Beers
  • Sensory Training – Advanced
  • Preparing for First All Grain Beer
  • Water Profile & Adjustment – Advanced
  • Grain and Mashing – Part II
  • Barrel Aging Beers – Barrel Care

Making Wine

Full Lesson Plan Includes:

  • Basics of Wine Components, Tasting, and Testing
  • Basics of Red Winemaking - Overview of process and equipment
  • Basics of White Wine and Fruit Winemaking - Overview of process and equipment
  • Harvest Math and Assessment of Grape Ripeness
  • Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Sulfiting
  • Winemaking Math and Testing - In Depth
  • The World of Wine Yeast - Yeast Choices, Nutrition, Residual Sugar, and Restart of Stuck Fermentation
  • Malolactic Fermentation
  • Wine Flaws - How to Avoid or Fix Them
  • Wine Aging (élevage)
  • Clarification - Filtration and Finings
  • Tannins and Barrel Alternatives
  • Barrel Usage and Care
  • Bottling and Kegging Wine

Making Cider

Full Lesson Plan Includes:

  • Sensory and Styles Training - Basic
  • Basics of Cidermaking - Overview of process and equipment
  • Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Sulfiting
  • Apple Varieties, Harvest Math and Assessment of Apple Ripeness
  • Cidermaking Math & Lab Testing
  • Yeast and The Mysteries of Malolactic - Yeast Choices, Nutrition, and Malolactic Fermentation
  • Cider Flaws and How to Avoid or Fix Them
  • Aging Cider
  • Clarification - Filtration and Finings
  • Barrel Care, Tannins and Barrel Alternatives
  • Bottling and Sweetening Still Cider
  • Bottling, Kegging and Counter Pressure Filling Carbonated Cider
  • Approaching Different Heritage Cider Styles and Fun Modern Variations


Full Lesson Plan Includes:

  • Overview of Requirements in Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced Cheesemaking
  • Starter Cultures, Coagulants, and Sanitation & Safety
  • Handling Curds and Salting Techniques
  • Affinage (Cheese Aging) – Humidity, Temperature and Rind Development
  • Pressing, Stretching Cheese, and Fun Enhancement Techniques - Leaf Wrapping, Wine & Beer Brining, Using Ash, Smoking Cheese


Our instructors can combine one-on-one support, with deep knowledge of the products available in the supply chain and the support of The Beverage People---a company that goes back to 1980, essentially the beginning of legal homebrewing in California.

About Scheduling a Private Instruction

Owner, Teacher, Author, BJCP Judge, Enthusiast

Gabe Jackson

Owner, Trained Hobbyist, Inventory & Purchasing Manager

Jane Jackson

Teacher, Author, Mfg & Merch Manager, Technical Rep, Enthusiast

Joe Hanson-Hirt