Details About Cider Making Lesson 6 - Common Cider Flaws - How to Avoid or Fix Them


About Scheduling a Private Instruction

This is Lesson 6 of our home cidermaking lesson plan. Our private instruction lesson plans are instruction only.  They do not include beverage/food production on site or any beverage/food handling. 

Common Cider Flaws - How to Avoid or Fix Them

Approximate lesson time: 40-60 minutes

This Lesson 6 Plan Includes:

  • Review the Wine Aroma Wheel from American Wine Society
  • Oxidation and Temperature Management with details about oxidative reactions.
  • Common fixable flaws how-to: residual sugar, reducing acetaldehyde with sulfite, hydrogen sulfide with copper sulfate, browning with PVPP, cloudiness with finings and filtration