Details About Homebrewing Lesson 7 - The World of Malt


About Scheduling a Private Instruction

This is Lesson 7 of our homebrewing lesson plan. Our private instruction lesson plans are instruction only.  They do not include beverage/food production on site or any beverage/food handling. 

The World of Brewing Malt

Approximate lesson time: 40-60 minutes

This Lesson 7 Plan Includes:

  • About Malt - a technical review of barley and the malting process
    • 2 Row vs 6 Row
    • Anatomy of the barley kernel
    • The malting lifecycle
  • Technical review regarding starch and enzymes
  • Applying this knowledge to the brewers' mini-mash
  • Malted grains by type - a guides review of the available malts with optional tastings
  • Malt extracts and other sugar sources (known as adjuncts)
  • Malt storage considerations