Details About Winemaking Lesson 8 - Malolactic Fermentation


About Scheduling a Private Instruction

This is Lesson 8 of our home winemaking lesson plan. Our private instruction lesson plans are instruction only.  They do not include beverage/food production on site or any beverage/food handling. 

Malolactic Fermentation

This Lesson 8 Plan Includes:

  • How does malolactic fermentation work, and it's history
  • Optional: sensory wine tasting with malic and lactic acid
  • When should you perform MLF, and when should you not?
  • How to stimulate ML bacteria
  • Selecting a malolactic bacteria strain
  • How to inhibit ML bacteria
  • About diacetyl and how to manage it
  • Best practices of MLF fermentation
  • How to determine if MLF fermentation has completed