Details About Homebrewing Lesson 12 - All-Grain Brewing Part II - Equipment & Advanced Mashing Techniques


About Scheduling a Private Instruction

This is Lesson 12 of our homebrewing lesson plan. Our private instruction lesson plans are instruction only.  They do not include beverage/food production on site or any beverage/food handling. 

All-Grain Brewing Part II - Equipment & Advanced Mashing Techniques

Approximate lesson time: 60-90 minutes

This Lesson 12 Plan Includes:

  • Types of all-grain brewing systems
    • Brew-in-a-Bag
    • All-in-one
    • Gravity-based systems
    • Pump-based systems
  • Considering Brewing System Size
  • Important Hardware Choices
    • Heat source options
    • Recirculation
    • Mash Tuns and Hot Liquor Tanks
  • Specifics Discussion on Mash Vessels
  • Specifics Discussion on Wort Separation
  • Advanced Mashing Techniques
    • Decoction
    • Temperature Programmed Step Mashing
    • Cereal Mash (ie. processing un-malted grains)