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Economy All-Grain 5 Gal Brewing System - Two Burner

By adding a second burner, a traditional continuous sparge brewing system can be created.  Gravity will be used for the transfer of liquids, and heavy lifting will be needed to use just two burners to heat three different vessels.

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Mash Tun Design

The mash tun is created from an 8 gallon stainless kettle, fitted with a stainless coil false bottom for draining the mash.  The kettle includes two welded ports, one fitted with a thermometer and the other with a drain valve.  Equipment needed:

• Wort Production - Economy All Grain Kit - 8 Gal Economy Mash Tun with SS Paddle

Heat Source

Two tall propane burners provide the heat, fueled by a standard BBQ propane tank (not included). Both can be connected to the same propane tank using a 3 way propane tank splitter. Equipment needed:

• One propane burner is included in the Wort Production kit (above)

• ADD: One additional Propane Burner With Tall Legs, 55,000 BTU

• 3 Way Propane Tank Splitter - Brass

Kettles for Sparge Water and Boiling Wort

Two additional kettles are needed to heat the sparge water and collect the wort from the mash.  In this system, a more economical option for the hot liquor tank (for sparge water) is the 8 gallon kettle with plugged ports.  The plugged ports can be upgraded at a later date with valve, thermometer, or other fittings in the future.  The kettle used for the boil is outfitted with both thermometer and valve.  Equipment needed:

• Stainless Kettle - 32 qt - 8 Gallon - Two Welded Ports - Includes Valve & Thermometer

• 1/2" Hose Barb - 1/2" Barb x 1/2" MPT - Stainless Steel - fitted to the boil kettle valve

• Stainless Kettle - 32 qt - 8 gallon - Two welded ports, both plugged


The sparge is performed manually using a small pot to transfer the water by hand from the hot liquor tank into the mash. From your home kitchen you will need to supply a small soup pot, and perhaps a large ladle or spoon.  Consider dumping the water on a ladle or spoon held just above the grain bed in order to avoid splashing. Equipment needed:

• Small pot and spoon/ladle provided from your home kitchen

Mash Reciculation and Whirlpooling (Optional)

Not applicable.


Transfer from hot liquor tank to mash tun is performed by hand with a small pot.  Transfer from mash tun to boil kettle is done through the kettle valve using the tubing included in the Wort Production Kit, as is the transfer from boil kettle to fermentor.


• Included in the Wort Production Kit - Stainless paddle for mash - Drilled Holes - 30" Length


A stainless wort chiller is the more economical option, compared to a copper wort chiller.

• Wort Chiller - Stainless - 25'


How to Perform the Mash and Sparge

The mash tun kettle and hot liquor tank kettle (plugged ports) are set atop the two tall burners.  The burners are connected to a single propane tank with the propane splitter.  The mash and sparge water are heated and the mash is performed in the usual fashion.  At the end of the mash, the sparge water is transferred by hand, gently, to the mash tun using a small kitchen pot, while the wort is allowed to drain out the mash tun valve, through the included tubing, into the boil kettle placed on floor.  When the sparge is complete, the boil kettle is lifted onto one of the burners to start the boil.