Corny Keg Lid Fitted with Carbonation Stone to Force Carbonate Beer

Corny Keg Lid Fitted with Diffusion Stone for Quick Carbonation

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Now you can have your home brew on tap quicker than ever with this quick carbonation lid! A built in CO2 diffusion stone allows carbon dioxide to dissolve directly into your beer, cider, or kombucha. Simply attach the sanitized lid to your keg and hook it up to CO2, no need to turn your pressure above serving pressure. Beverages will carbonate best at cold temperatures. Once your desired level of carbonation is reached, the keg can be depressurized and the lid swapped for a standard lid, allowing you to quickly carbonate several kegs in a row.
How to Use

For instructions we have published an article in the learning section of our website on the topic: How To Use A Carbonation Stone - Force Carbonating Beer Quickly,

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