Quick Disconnects with Cam and Grooves

Quick Disconnects For Your Brewery - Cam and Groove

Cam and groove fittings preceded the current tri-clamp fittings common to commercial breweries and now available to homebrewers.

Now that we have located a quality supplier for these fittings, anyone can inexpensively and easily connect or disconnect their kettle, reroute their pump for use with a counterflow chiller or a hopback and disconnect your tubing used for any purpose just by outfitting the ports and the hoses with these fittings. They are universally interchangeable at any time.

This diagram illustrates the universal adaptability of the fittings. The choice is then yours to make - fit a Type F to the kettle with a Type C on the tubing or use a Type B on the kettle and Type E on the tubing. These are some of the many configurations possible adapting between 1/2” male and female pipe threaded fittings and 1/2 i.d. tubing.


Engineer your system to operate with ease by incorporating stainless steel cam and groove quick disconnect fittings.

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