Karbonium Evo Electric Olive Harvester
  • Karbonium Evo Electric Olive Harvester
  • Close up of Olive Rake Carbon Fiber Fingers
  • Grip of Electric Olive Harvesting Rake - Karbonium Evo

Electric Olive Harvesting Rake - Karbonium Evo by Zanon

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The new Karbonium Evo Electric Olive Harvesting Rake by Zanon is a critical harvesting tool for a small scale olive orchard.


While manual olive harvesting may take a hour or two per tree and involve dangerously positioned ladders and fruit lost in the underbrush, this electric olive harvester will comb the olives out of a tree in minutes.  Short on time or people to get through the harvest? This is the tool you need.

The new olive rake is designed to oscillate at high frequency. Its concept has taken inspiration from the movement of a bat on the hunt. The fingers beat back and forth with incomparable lightness and speed.

Karbonium Evo’s transmission is inserted into a blinded box where its lubricated gears, made of high resistant steel, are mounted on bearings. A sturdy frame assures the perfect protection of the moving parts and a long life of the beater. The high-end standard features of the new Karbonium Evo ensure lightness, easy handling during work, ergonomic design, and two different power options making it a leader among competitors and an ideal machine to ease the burdens of your olive harvest.

  • High power 500W motor
  • Removable carbon-fiber fingers
  • Technopolymer and carbon-fiber frame
  • Telescopic rod with no-rotation system and “rapid” unlocking system
  • Standard 67" length telescopes to 98" giving an adult operator about 10 to 14 ft of reach
  • Electronic board including absorption protection, thermal protection, battery check, unit protection fuse
  • 49 foot electric cable – Waterproof switch - attaches to car battery
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Power options:

Stock with this unit - A 49 ft cable will attach to a 12 volt battery and provide power. No further equipment is required.

Battery Pack option - Alternatively, an adapter cable and 33V Lithium Ion Battery Pack can make the unit infinitely mobile. Improve your agility in the field with the battery backpack and adapter.

How to Use


Tips for Harvest:

  1. Prepare the area below the olive tree with a generous amount of harvest net or tarps.  Approximately 15-20 ft (5-7 meters) in all directions should be covered to collect the olives as they bounce.
  2. In rough or sloped terrain, consider placing stakes in the ground before laying out the nets or tarps.  The stakes can be positioned to slope the net/tarp and avoid the fruit rolling downhill or off the net/tarp.
  3. Beating the thicker branches rather than the thin will reduce the flinging of the fruit.


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