2. NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE! - Pickup at Alternative Pickup Location in Windsor

No Quarter Brewing Co

No Quarter is seeking a new location for the brewery. No fulfillment is available in Windsor at this time.

Located in the Raley's Shopping Center


We deliver twice per week for pickup at No Quarter Brewing in Windsor.  Drop-offs occur by 6 PM on Tuesdays & Fridays.  Orders should be placed by 10AM on those days to be included in that drop.   The Beverage People handles all aspects of the order. Certain items are restricted due to large size or safety concerns.  The pickup station within the pub is self-serve.  Pickups can occur only during the operating hours of No Quarter Brewing Co.


How to Pickup?  


Please await confirmation by email or phone that your order has been prepared and delivered to No Quarter before coming to pickup. Pre-paid and prepared orders will be placed in the pickup area inside the No Quarter Brewing pub, shown below.  There is a small self-serve refrigerator on site for cold items that have been ordered.


"> Become a Pickup Location | The Beverage People


Become a Pickup Location for The Beverage People



We are looking a small number of Sonoma County based businesses to host small pickup areas for our customers.

These pickup areas would be self-serve and would likely stimulate business for the host. Once our customers visit your location for pickup purposes, they may like to stay and shop at your business.



Our offer to participating host businesses:


How does it work?

On our website, customers will be offered the option to pick up at your location at checkout.  Very large items will be disallowed and will need to be picked up at our warehouse.  We will deliver the goods to your pickup station.  Monthly, we will provide a report on sales activity along with a check for compensation.



For further discussion and details, please email Gabe Jackson at gabe@thebeveragepeople.com to arrange a consultation.


Become a Pickup Location