RAHR 2 Row Malt

RAHR 2 Row Light Colored Malted Barley - 1.7 - 2.0 L - 1 lb.

RAHR 2 Row Light Colored Malted Barley - 1.7 - 2.0 L - 1 lb.
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About RAHR 2 Row Malted Barley:


Rahr Standard 2-Row is a light-colored base malt made from a blend of American 2-Row barley varieties. It is darker than most lager malts, but lighter than most pale ale malts. It has moderate protein levels, and good extract yield. Its neutral characteristics make it extremely versatile, and it is widely used by American craft breweries as their standard base malt for any beer style.

RAHR Standard 2-Row Malt (1.7°-2.0° L) from RAHR Malting is used widely and popularly in our northern California breweries. It contributes a straw color and has high extract potential.  It is favored in ales where light color and neutral characteristics are desired, such as Double IPA's and New England-style IPA's. 

 For more information on various malts and grains, take a look at Byron Burch's Guide to Malts and Grain.


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  • Malt Style: Base
  • Diastatic Power: High
  • Flavor: Light and Crisp. Darker than pilsner/lager malts but lighter than most pale ale malts.
  • Color: ~2° Lovibond - Produces a straw color when used alone.
  • Maltster: RAHR Malting
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RAHR 2 Row Light Colored Malted Barley - 1.7 - 2.0 L - 1 lb.
Average rating:
1 reviews

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RAHR 2 Row Light Colored Malted Barley - 1.7 - 2.0 L - 1 lb.
Great Service AND they're LOCAL!!
I placed my online order on the 28th with a few questions. Staff got back to me with answers and suggestions on the 30th and my order was filled. I was able to pick up my entire order at the convenient Beverage People Trailer the following day. Great People, Great Service, Great Prices, and, did I mention...they're LOCAL. Shop locally every chance you get. It makes a difference to all of us living here in Sonoma County. Keep Sonoma Strong ;-)