Antique Green Wine Bottles - 750ml Wine Bottles in Case of 12

750ml Glass Bottles - Case of 12.  Antique Green Wine Bottles in the Claret / Bordeaux style are the most common choice for your Bordeaux Varietals such a Cabernet Sauvignon and Cab Franc.

Dark glass minimizes UV exposure while the push-up, or punted, bottom provides the bottle strength to keep your wine safe for years of cellaring. The claret / bordeaux style of wine bottle was traditionally used for red wine made from grape varietals originating in the Bordeaux region of France including, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Malbec, and Carmenere. Print and apply some custom Labels to turn your beverage into an impressive gift. Accepts 24 mm x 45 mm Corks, our UF25 single-piece natural corks are recommended for extended aging, while our Twin Disk Corks make an excellent and economic alternative for those looking to enjoy their wine within the decade. For temporary and resealing closures, see our Bar Top Corks. Please be sure to take a look at our Heat Shrink Sleeves and Bottle Waxes which come in a variety of colors.


Not sure which bottle to choose? Enjoy our infographic and quickly learn the popular type of bottles including options for bottle shapes, colors, sizes, and closure options.


  • Shape: Claret
  • Volume: 750 mL Glass Bottles
  • Neck: Standard
  • Closure: Cork Finish
  • Punted: Yes
  • Color: Antique Green Wine Bottles
  • Styles: Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Merlot, Meritage, other Bordeaux Varietals
How to Use
Every five gallons of wine will require two cases (24 individual) of 750 mL bottles.


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Thanks for the extra effort! 07/10/2020
By Jack Eitelgeorge
I started to filter my wine. Half way through I broke a vital racking tube and also my filter pads became saturated. I thought I had back-ups, but was wrong. I shut down and contacted The Beverage People, and in light of my dilemma, they moved my order to the front, and I was able to salvage my filtering process. I am extremely happy for their empathy and efficiency in solving my problem in these chaotic social times. Thank you again Beverage People!