CPNO2 Counter Pressure Bottle Filler with Cleaning Brush

With The Beverage People’s own CPNO2™ Counter Pressure Bottle Filler you can package your homebrew professionally, with full carbonation and ultra-low oxygen exposure, directly from the keg into the bottle. 

Our CPNO2™ Bottle Filler has been redesigned in 2019 for ease of use and cleaning. As always, counter pressure filling remains the best way to move your beer from keg to bottle without oxygen pickup or loss of carbonation. With our redesigned model, CPNO2™, you will be able to clean the beverage downtube quickly and easily with the brush which is included with the filler. We are confident in the performance and value of our filler and we believe you will enjoy the results you get in the bottle. Our staff has used this type of filler for years and can assist you in the setup and operations to ensure you succeed.


Counter Pressure Filling is the Ideal Way to Bottle Beer

Advantages Over Bottle Conditioning

  • No yeast sediment in the bottle.
  • Force carbonating and counter pressure filling gets beer ready to serve sooner than bottle conditioning with live yeast.
  • Beer stays under refrigeration rather than room temperature during the carbonation process.
  • No instructions are necessary when you give away your beer – it’s ready to pour and drink!


What’s New in the Redesign

  • Stainless downtube is straight for ease of cleaning

  • Downtube brush is included - handy for cleaning the filler, as well as your beverage hoses and keg diptubes.

  • Stainless beer valve is now attached by a sturdy flare connection rather than compression fitting.

  • Gas manifold is all brass and beverage components are all stainless resulting in a “color code” for operations.


What Is Not Included - How to Complete the Filler Setup?

The beverage and gas valves each require a fitting to adapt the necessary hoses. There are an assortment of fitting which may be chosen, and the ideal fitting will depend on your existing keg system setup - please discuss with our staff in person or over the phone to get this correct. Below is a list of supplies you may need to complete your filler setup.

Supplies You May Need:

  • Soda Keg full of 30°-33°F. Beer
  • CO2 Cylinder and Regulator
  • 6 Feet of Beverage Hose, 1/4" I.D.
  • 3 Four foot 1/4" I.D. Hoses for Gas
  • Barb Fittings for Gas and Beverage Valves – ¼” NPT
  • Quick Disconnects for Ball-Lock or Pin-Lock Soda Kegs for Gas and Beverage Lines
  • "Tee" Splitter with 3 hose barbs
  • Screw Clamps for Hoses (8)
  • Small bucket of no-rinse sanitizer
  • Bottles
  • Caps
  • Capper
  • Apron (Optional)
  • Goggles (Optional)
How to Use

How does it work?

Counter pressure filling is accomplished by operating a gravity siphon under pressure. The pressure in the keg is countered with the same pressure in the bottle. The gas line must be split to accomplish this---one regulator is used to send CO2 to both keg and bottle. The first step to bottling with the filler is to carbonate your keg and refrigerate the keg until the beer is as close to 30°F. as possible. When you are happy with the carbonation level of the beer, proceed.

  1. Begin by elevating the keg above your bottles, so that you will have enough height to gravity fill the bottles.
  2. Have all your bottles, caps and capper ready to go.
  3. Assemble the Gas line by attaching a "T" to three sections of 1/4" line. Clamp the ends to (a.) the Regulator, (b.) the Filler's "Gas" valve - a fitting will be needed (please discuss with our staff in person or over the phone to get this correct) (c.) the Gas Quick Disconnect Keg Fitting.
  4. Assemble the Beverage line by attaching one end to the Filler's "Beverage" Stainless Ball Valve - a fitting will be needed (please discuss with our staff in person or over the phone to get this correct) - and the other end to the Beverage Quick Disconnect Keg Fitting.
  5. Turn on your CO2, adjusting the pressure to 15 psi or at least 2 psi above the pressure in the keg. DO NOT RAISE THE PRESSURE ABOVE 15 PSI.
  6. Pull the relief ring at the top of the keg to vent it, and attach the gas line fitting to the keg’s “gas” side.
  7. Attach the beverage line fitting to the keg’s “beverage” side.
  8. Place the filler in the bottle so the rubber stopper fits tightly into the bottle mouth. (The end of the filler will not be touching the bottom of the bottle.)
  9. Depress the gas valve to allow gas to pressurize the bottle.
  10. With the gas valve still depressed, depress the beverage valve, allowing beer to flow gently into the bottle.
  11. When the beer level gets up to a half inch or so from the top of the bottle, release the beverage valve, and then the gas valve, and move the filler to the next bottle (or to a bucket of iodophor sanitizer).
  12. Set a cap on the bottle.
  13. Seal the bottle with your capper immediately.
  14. Repeat for as many bottles as you wish.


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