FLOTit 2.0 - Floating Dip Tube with Double Filter Inlet

FLOTit Floating Diptube allows you to dry hop in the keg!

This setup replaces the existing beverage diptube in a ball lock homebrew keg.  It is a true game changer - especially for those who enjoy dry hopped beers!  

The double screen design, combined with the float, ensures that hop particles and other sediment are not allowed into the draft lines.  One screen is 500 micron, the other is 300 micron.  Both are stainless steel.  This means that the hops can be left loose inside the keg while the FLOTit will ensure they stay out of your pint glass, and don't clog up your service lines, poppets, or faucets.

The custom designed, short stainless diptube (to which the silicone tubing is attached), along with the handy Hookit tool, allow for sanitary and simple installation and removal of the unit.

How to Use


The following is feeback we received from a brewing customer, Bob Alman.  His experience with the FLOTit was very positive and helpful for others, so with his permission we share it now:

I want to follow up on the "floating dip tube dry hop in the keg" experiment I ran on a keg that had lost its nose. It worked very well, and it has led me to the second phase where I am skipping the dry hopping the secondary altogether and go with 100% in the serving keg!

The Flotit worked *perfectly* and after a day of settling, the beer poured as clear as it gets. The smell was excellent, and it poured clear until the last gasp. Here is a picture looking into the empty keg...there ain't any waste!

I usually brew about 8 gallons at a time, and depending on how many gatherings there are, the beer can sit in the keg a while. Adding a pound of dry hops to the fermenter usually means it's wasted in the 2nd keg. With this method, I can keg non-dry hopped beer, and add hops when needed. Very cool.

By the way, the other floating dip tube with the ball would not work well for this IMO.


Bob Alman


All parts and tools needed to install this unit into the beverage side of a ball-lock keg are included (except a wrench to remove your keg post).  The kit includes:

  • FLOTit floating diptube with double filter inlet (300 & 500 micron screens)
  • Silicone tubing
  • Custom short stainless diptube to allow easy installation of the tubing. No need to put your hand in the keg!
  • Hookit Tool - allows you to lift out the tubing without placing a hand in the keg.
  • Spare gaskets


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