Wine SUPER Transfer Pump - Variable Speed - Diaphragm

Wine SUPER Transfer Pump - Variable Speed - Diaphragm

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The Vintage Shop SUPER Transfer Pump is a Self-Priming, Variable Speed Diaphragm Pump equipped with pre-filter, inlet and outlet hose, and ergonomic butterfly clamps. 

Self-priming means the pump will pull a vacuum and draw liquid from a submerged inlet line into the pump head. The gentle action of the diaphragm mechanism minimizes oxidation and shear stress of your wine during transfers.  Additionally, the speed adjustment knob allows you to vary the pump flow rate between 0.8 - 3.0 gallons per minute. There is no risk of any metallic interaction with acids in your wine as the pump head is made of nylon and the diaphragm from Santoprene™.

The Vintage Shop SUPER Transfer Pump has a maximum temperature rating of 130 °F (rating on the included tubing) and is NOT recommended for wort production in brewing applications.


In May 2022, our staff performed an experiment to learn just how gentle this pump is when transferring wine.  We tested the SO2 and dissolved oxygen impact on a wine before and after transfer.  Further, we compared the results of pumping against other transfer methods including siphoning, and splash racking.  You may like to review our results here!


  • Pump Design: Self-priming - Diaphragm pump - pump head is made of nylon and the diaphragm from Santoprene™
  • Motor: Thermally Protected
  • Voltage: 110 V
  • Automatic Shutoff: Factory set for 45 PSI shut-off
  • Max. Liquid Temperature: 130 °F for tubing, 212 °F for the pump
  • Ports: 1/2" Hose Barb on Inlet and Outlet
  • Run Time: Pump can run without interruption for over 90 minutes
  • Electrical Cord Length: 5 ft
How to Use


When using a wine pump to push wine through a cartridge filter or plate filter, the efficiency of the filtration process is dependent upon the flow rate through the filter media.  Ideal flow rates are as follows:

Coarse Filtration - 0.4-0.5 gallons per minute per square ft of filter pad surface

Polish Filtration - 0.13-0.4 gallons per minute per square ft of filter pad surface

Sterile Filtration - 0.05-0.2 gallons per minute per square ft of filter pad surface



  • Self-Priming Variable Speed Diaphragm Pump
  • Quick Disconnect Pre-Filter with 40-Mesh Strainer and 1/2" Hose Barb
  • Thick INLET wall hose (1). Thinner OUTLET hose (1).
  • Butterfly Hose Clamps
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Average rating:
average rating 86%
3 reviews

Read all reviews

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Pump you up! 10/05/2020
By Don baumhefner
I was delighted by the way this pump worked. It is not too fast, but it does not aerate the wine like the last one did. All around excellent device. Easy to learn how to operate and easy to operate.