Economy Hydrometer- Three Scale - Tested

Economy Hydrometer- Three Scale - Tested "Grade B"


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This sugar tester, also known as a saccharometer, allows brewers, winemakers, meadmakers, and cidermakers to estimate and calculate their alcohol content by volume. It has scales for Specific Gravity, Brix (Balling) and Potential Alcohol.

About our in-house hydrometer testing at The Beverage People:

Economy hydrometers may not be precisely accurate. Some of them are accurate, but others are slightly off and will benefit from testing and potentially adjusted readings based on that testing. All hydrometers should read at 0% sugar or 1.000 specific gravity in distilled water at calibration temperature which is generally 60°F or 68°F. To assist our customers, The Beverage People now provides this testing on our economy hydrometers.  

Grade A - Accuracy within range: ±0.001

Grade B - Accuracy within range: >±0.001

Both grades of hydrometer may be used accurately.  The difference is that with a Grade B hydrometer, we recommend you make a calculated correction to your measurements.  We provide you with our hydrometer accuracy test results so you may make this correction each time you use it.

How to Use

You will need a test jar to perform a hydrometer test. We recommend this 10" test jar.

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