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Hand Held Refractometer - Brix & Specific Gravity - Temperature Compensating

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A brix refractometer is a wonderful tool for the vineyard owner or winemaker who is responsible for making harvest decisions. As this unit is also a refractometer for specific gravity, it is also a very handy tool for the brewer who wishes to take quick gravity readings of wort during brew day.

With only drops of juice from a grape or other sugar solution, this automatic temperature compensating refractometer can determine your sugar content quickly. Please note: Once alcohol is present in solution the readings will be skewed by the presence of the alcohol and the refractometer will no longer provide accurate sugar readings---a hydrometer is necessary for reading during and after fermentation.

  • Scales: Brix 0-32, Specific Gravity 1.000-1.130
  • Calibration Temperature: 20° Celsius, 68° Fahrenheit
  • Automatic Temperature Compensating Range: 10-30° Celsius, 50-86° Fahrenheit
  • Time required for reading: 30 seconds
  • Minimum Brix Divisions: 0.2%
  • Minimum Specific Gravity Divisions: 0.001
How to Use

Operation Steps:

  1. Open the daylight plate and place 2-3 drops of liquid on the main prism. Close the daylight plate so the liquid spreads across the entire surface of the prism without air bubbles or dry spots. Allow the sample to temperature adjust on the prism for about 30 seconds before going to Step #2. This allows the sample to adjust to the ambient temperature of the refractometer.
  2. Hold the daylight plate in the direction of a light source and look into the eyepiece. You will see a circular field with graduations down the center. You may have to focus the eyepiece to clearly see the graduations. The upper portion of the field should be blue, while the lower portion should be white.
  3. Take the reading where the boundary line of blue and white cross the graduated scale. The scale will provide a direct reading of the concentration.


Calibration can be performed with distilled water to 0 brix, and with our Refractometer Calibration Solution to 20 brix.


Included with the refractometer:

  • Hard Portable Carrying Case
  • 2 ml Applicator
  • Lens Cleaning Cloth
  • Calibration Screw Driver
  • Operation Manual
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