FT Rouge Soft - Enological Tannin, 10 g

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FT Rouge Soft was specifically designed to enhance Pinot Noir and other early harvest reds. Use FT Rouge Soft to give your Pinot Noir a gentle boost in mouthfeel and color while suppressing bitter and astringent qualities. This is a popular product as it tends to enhance and preserve fruit like aromas and flavors.
  • Appropriate for: Red and Fruit Wines
  • Effects: Color Stability, Improved Mouthfeel
  • Tannin Source: Quebracho wood tannin product
  • Dosage Rate: 1 - 3 g per 5 gal
  • Addition time: During punchdown
How to Use
Use 1 to 3 g for every 5 gallons at first punchdown and/or further punchdowns during fermentation (1 gram per 5 gallons).
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