Glutastar to preserve aroma in white wine

Glutastarô Yeast Derivative to Reduce Oxidation - 10 g

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Glutastar™ is a natural inactivated yeast product from Lallemand, which aids in preventing oxidation, enhancing aroma, and increasing mouthfeel in your white wines.

Many people are familiar with its predecessors, Opti-White and OptiMUM White. Glutastar™ is the latest devlopment and has directly replaced the preceding products in our catalog.

When added at the start of fermentation, the high levels of polysaccharides and glutathione in Glutastar™ actively inhibit the development of brown oxidation colors and preserves the esters responsible for fruit like aromatics in wine. Your wine will retain its freshness better and have a longer shelf life before showing the undesirable signs of white wine aging.  The addition of Glutastar™ contributes not only to enhance aromatic intensity and persistency thanks to the release of a high level of stabilizing peptides, but also to increase mouthfeel perception and wine thickness due to the polysaccharides enrichment, both in white and rosé wines.

How to Use
Use 1 g per gallon of juice. Add and mix thoroughly while racking the juice off of gross fruit lees near the beginning of fermentation. Do not change your regular nutrient program.
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