Opti-Red (R) Yeast Derivative Nutrient 50 g

Opti-Red (R) Yeast Derivative Nutrient 50 g

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Opti-Red® is a fantastic product from Scott Laboratories which will boost color and mouthfeel in your red wines by speeding the polymerization of anthocyanins and tannins. The result is deeper, more stable color and tannins which exhibit a more rounded mouthfeel than would be had with short chain tannin structures. Opti-Red® is a natural product derived from the cell walls of inactivated yeast.

How to Use
Use 50 g per 500 pounds of must. Sprinkle Opti-Red over the must at the time of the first punch-down, then mix in thoroughly. Do not change your regular nutrient program. See the Official Product Sheet from Scott Laboratories for more information and best practices.
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