StellarTan G - Grape Tannin for Adding Tannin to Wine or Adding Tannin to Cider

StellarTan G - Grape Tannin - 30 grams

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StellarTan G grape tannin is an enological tannin product from Polyphenolics. It has been selected by our staff as a premium choice of finishing tannin for adding tannin to wine or adding tannin to cider to produce the body and mouthfeel you desire.

Use these tannins to achieve a smoother, more integrated body while bringing fruity notes forward.  Compared to the other offerings from Polyphenolics, StellarTan G contains the highest concentration of long chain polyphenols resulting in a noticeable softening of the mouthfeel while adding structure.  It is a robust finishing tannin - condensed grape tannins - produced from California wine grape varietals that give wine and cider makers the ability to fully optimize the tannin concentration and structure of red wine, rosé or white wines, as well as cider and perry.

Located in one of California’s major grape growing regions, Polyphenolics® is a leader in the development of enological tannins. Fully developed grapes are carefully selected and put through a revolutionary extraction process that’s gentle and preserves the true nature of wine tannins (low temperature / no organic solvents). These tannins solubilize instantly and completely in wine.

Add up to 150 ppm StellarTan G® tannin. 

Considering Adding StellarTan G to your cider?

We encourage you to do so!  Get yourself acquainted with the practice by reading the results of a cider sensory study performed at Cornell University and published by the New York State Horticultural Society in Spring 2017.  They demonstrated the capacity to make quality ciders with dessert apples (like most of us have access to!) and that different styles can be developed just by adding tannins to the cider.

How to Use
Conduct a small scale dosing trial to determine the appropriate level of tannin to add to your beverage. Dosage range typically lies between 0.5 - 2.5 g per 5 gallons. Finishing tannins can be an effective tool for reducing "hot" alcohol perception in wine, masking vegetal character, enhancing fruit flavors, and controlling oxidation.
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