If you have tried making wine, beer or mead, then you might also think about making vinegar. Any fermented beverage can then be further processed into natural vinegar. Your very own artisan vinegar is only six weeks away. After you have made your vinegar you can add herbs and spices to enhance its flavor. Use your homemade vinegar in marinades, sauces and dressings every day. Add a decorative bottle and a label and you’ll have the perfect gift for someone you love.

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Cleaning and Sanitizing 101 - The Beverage People (PDF, 60 KB)

One of the most important aspects of any fermentation is keeping your equipment sanitary. This article outlines the basic steps and products for keeping it clean.

It's Easy to Make Your Own Vinegar - The Beverage People (PDF, 17 KB)

Many beer, wine, and cider makers are unaware how easy it would be to expand the enjoyment of their respective hobbies by making malt, wine, or cider vinegars. It’s not only easy, but can be done in small quantities without additional equipment.

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