Briess CaraPils (TM) Dextrine Malt - 1.6L - 1 lb.

Briess CaraPils (TM) Dextrine Malt - 1.6L - 1 lb.

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Briess Carapils® Dextrine Malt is a unique specialty malt used for recipe adjustment when more body is desired without any additional color or flavor/aroma. Dextrins are large sugars that cannot be fermented, converted into ethanol and CO2, by brewing yeasts. The effects of more dextrins in a finished beer are improved mouthfeel and head retention - foam stability. Carapils® is a completely converted malt, meaning it is suitable for both All-Grain and Extract brewers as it only requires steeping to be used effectively. For more information on various malts and grains, take a look at Byron Burch’s Guide to Malts and Grain.


Note for Sour Beer Brewers: Dextrins can be broken down by many wild yeasts and bacteria. Adding Carapils to a recipe will allow you to carry out a clean primary fermentation with a normal saccharomyces cerevisiae strain while leaving dextrins for Brett/Lacto to consume during the secondary souring. 


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  • Malt Style: Dextrine
  • Diastatic Power: None
  • Flavor: Contributes body but no additional flavor
  • Color: 1.6° Lovibond - Contributes no additional color
  • Maltster: Briess Malt & Ingredients Co.
How to Use
  • Low usage rates of 1-5% will help achieve desired results
  • Very unique dextrine-style malt adds body, foam retention and beer stability without influencing color or aroma.
  • Upgrades all types of beer, including light colored beers.
  • The non-fermentables in Carapils® Malt are advantageous in balancing body and flavor of dark colored beers.
  • May be used with or without other specialty malts.
  • Carapils® Malt has the full glassiness of a caramel malt.
  • Carapils® Malt is devoid of enzymes and can be steeped in hot water or mashed.
  • Produced in the U.S.A. from AMBA/BMBRI recommended 2-Row malting varieties


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