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"Take No Prisoners" Barley Wine
Barley Wine

6 lbs. Amber Dried Malt Extract
3 lbs. Light Dried Malt Extract
3 lbs. Dark Dried Malt Extract
1 lb. Caravienne Malt
4 oz. Dextrin Powder
1 tsp. Irish Moss
2 oz. Columbus Hop Pellets (60 min.) 116.00 IBU
1 oz. Fuggle Raw Hops (30 min.) 9.52 IBU
3 oz. Cascade Hops (dryhopped) 12.21 IBU
3/4 cups Corn Sugar for priming
10 grams Pasteur Champagne Wine Yeast
SG 1.115
IBU 137.73
Mash grain for 60 minutes @150 F. One hour boil. nbsp;

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