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We are pleased to have become suppliers and teachers of home cheesemaking and have had a great time working with thousands of new hobbyists! Home cheese making, once a common practice among our ancestors, has reached its way back into modern times. And since we love fermentation so much we figured why not give it a shot. Upon further investigation we learned that the cheese supplies and equipment needed to make cheese are affordable and available for home use.

Now, we have been making cheese since 2006. We have had a lot of success so far and are getting a tremendous amount of feedback from our customers. Home cheese making is safe, easy and fun. Whether it is general information or cheese recipes or supplies, everything you need to get started can be found right here on our website.

Our catalog/newsletter will get you started with instructions for beginners, as well as useful articles and recipes for experienced cheese makers.

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Caldwell-Secrets of White Mold Cheesemaking - Gianaclis Caldwell (PDF, 60 KB)

Gianaclis Caldwell has provided us with some of her insights to the successful production of bloomy rind cheeses.

Cleaning and Sanitizing 101 - The Beverage People (PDF, 60 KB)

One of the most important aspects of any fermentation is keeping your equipment sanitary. This article outlines the basic steps and products for keeping it clean.

The Universal Guide to Cheesemaking - The Beverage People (PDF, 73 KB)

All cheesemaking makes use of a common set of basic steps. This guide will help you get started.

Brining Instructions - The Beverage People (PDF, 138 KB)

Brining cheese is the process of floating a cheese in salt water for a period of time to flavor and preserve the cheese.

Calibration Instructions for Hygroset II Hygrometer - The Beverage People (PDF, 123 KB)

The HygroSet II Digital Hygrometer can be easily calibrated with a corrected residual humidity reading using household items. You will need: HygroSet II Digital Hygrometer, Mason Jar with metal lid, Salt, Water.

The Four Broad Categories of Cheese - The Beverage People (PDF, 133 KB)

A short introduction to quick cheeses, fresh cheeses, soft-ripened cheeses, and hard cheeses.

Cheese Styles Overview - The Beverage People (PDF, 150 KB)

Cheese is really just milk, culture and some sort of coagulant, typically rennet or an acidic ingredient. After that, the variation comes in how you handle the four steps of curdling, draining, pressing and ripening. This chart is an overview of the eight major categories of cheese.

Cheese Starter Culture Guide - The Beverage People (PDF, 60 KB)

A 2-page guide to understanding the composition and use of the cheese starter cultures carried by The Beverage People.

Cheese Tips - The Beverage People (PDF, 94 KB)

Basic Cheesemaking Tips: What to do and what to avoid.

Cooking with Cheese - The Beverage People (HTML)

A collection of our favorite recipes that make use of homemade cheeses.

How I Invented My Own Cheese - The Beverage People (PDF, 78KB)

How to customize a recipe to suit your own particular tastes.

Brie - American Style - The Beverage People (PDF, 189.0 KB)

This style of Brie differs from its French ancestry by leading a more stable life. This means it will keep in your fridge 3-4 weeks longer than its cousin.

Petaluma Blue Cheese - The Beverage People (PDF, 138 KB)

A new member of the world-wide family of blue cheeses, Beverage People Blue is a creamy, rich cheese well marbled with blue-gray veins of pungent flavor. Yields three round cheeses of 6 to 8 ounces each.

Coastal Blue Cheese - The Beverage People (PDF, 843.2KB)

A different style of blue cheese is found on the North Coast of California and that is what this recipe represents. A gallon of milk and a pint of cream transform into a white, mild cheese without a rind.

Camembert - The Beverage People (PDF, 109 KB)

This cheese recipe makes three rounds, about 12 ounces or 4 mini-rounds about 9 ounces each when complete.

Cabra Al Vino - The Beverage People (PDF, 164 KB)

A mild, semi-hard cheese with a starkly red contrasting rind against the pure white color of the goat milk curd. It makes about a one pound wheel.

Caerphilly - The Beverage People (PDF, 1.8 MB)

A lightly pressed white cheese similar to Farmhouse Cheddar but it ages in just 3 weeks.

Cheddar - The Beverage People (PDF, 84 KB)

Sharp yet clean tasting, firm textured, easy to melt, easy to grate, and the aged versions are perfect with crackers. easy to grate, and the aged versions are perfect with crackers. Downside: waiting for the results.

Farmhouse Chive Cheddar - The Beverage People (PDF, 102 KB)

This farmhouse cheese is a beautiful, rustic Cheddar made without using the traditional and slightly more involved cheddaring process of milling the curds before shaping and pressing.

Cows Milk Feta - The Beverage People (PDF, 530 KB)

This cheese recipe makes two small wheels, about 10 ounces each when complete. The cheese is stored, refrigerated in a brine solution.

Cream Cheese - The Beverage People (PDF, 953.5 KB)

Cream Cheese is an easy and fast cheese that is good for beginners, and will be familiar to anyone with experience making chevre, creme fraiche, fromage blanc, mascarpone, or even yogurt.

Creme Fraiche - The Beverage People (PDF, 169.2 KB)

Not quite a true cheese, this smooth, creamy cultured dairy product is delicious with sweet foods like fresh fruit and with savory foods like smoked fish. Yields one pint.

Crescenza - The Beverage People (PDF, 81.2 KB)

This is an easy to make and delightfully mild cow's milk cheese that lends itself easily to a variety of appetizer, salad and pasta dishes.

Crottin - The Beverage People (PDF, 158.2 KB)

An aged soft-ripened lactic goat cheese that forms a natural crust. It can be served after ten days of ripening or aged for several weeks.

Fresh Chevre/Fromage Blanc - The Beverage People (PDF, 531 KB)

Creamy, mild, slightly dry if well drained, Chèvre and Fromage Blanc are fermented cheeses that can be used plain or coated with herbs such as chives, or peppercorns.

Gouda - The Beverage People (PDF, 139 KB)

This recipe is a "Baby Gouda" adaptation of Margaret Morris's recipe published in The Cheesemaker's Manual and a recipe published by Peter Dixon.

Manchego - The Beverage People (PDF, 30 KB)

This cheese recipe makes a small wheel, about 12 ounces when complete.

Mascarpone - The Beverage People (PDF, 1.0 MB) - Watch a how-to video on Mascarpone

Historically, the Italian Mascarpone was a triple-creme cheese made from crème fraîche. In the same tradition, our cheese recipe will use heavy cream. Yields about 1 pound.

Mozzarella, Fresh Soft Style - The Beverage People (PDF, 216 KB)

This dense and milky soft mozzarella recipe is much more difficult than the 30 minute Mozzarella recipe, but this one is a true lactic bacteria ripened recipe providing a luscious texture.

Quick Mozzarella - The Beverage People (PDF, 324.5 KB)

Even the first time out, it took only 42 minutes from start to finish. The cheese was delicious, melted nicely, and provided a good yield.

Paneer - The Beverage People (PDF, 123 KB)

It’s so easy that you can start making it after lunch and serve it for dinner! It will keep for a couple of weeks in a closed container in the refrigerator. Yields about 1 1/2 lbs.

Queijo de Vinho - The Beverage People (PDF, 120 KB)

This is a medium-firm pressed cow’s milk cheese that is ready to eat in just a few weeks. It resembles the goat cheese Cabra al Vino but has the milder overall impression of cow’s milk.

Queso Fresco - The Beverage People (PDF, 184 KB)

This is a salty, crumbly pressed white cheese that is very popular in Mexican cuisine. Yields about 1 pound.

Reblochon style "Back Alley Wheels" - The Beverage People (PDF, 281 KB)

This style of cheese is unique because it is made with extra-rich milk, thus we add heavy cream to the recipe. There are some beautiful orange/red colors on the rind and uniquely fruity aromas with this group of flora.

Ricotta - The Beverage People (PDF, 524 KB)

A simple cheese recipe that is ready to use as soon as it is drained, get your lasagna pan ready! Yields about 1 1/2 cups.

Saint Marcellin - The Beverage People (PDF, 918.1 KB)

This small cheese was originally made in the Rhone Alpes region of France. It has a very thin rind so is usually kept in a small crock. As it ages, it develops a gooey texture. When it is warmed a little, Oh My, it is a runny delight!

Baby Swiss - The Beverage People (PDF, 97 KB)

In Switzerland, the cheese we call “Swiss” is best represented by Emmentaler. A pale yellowish cheese with characteristic nutty flavor and “eyes” throughout the wheel, it is the best known of the Alpine cheeses.

Valencay - The Beverage People (PDF, 188 KB)

This cheese is a decadent french-style soft goat cheese that comes with its own mythology explaining its unique pyramidical shape.

Cheese Articles and Info