French Recoopered Oak Barrel - Medium Toast - 30 gal.
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French Recoopered Oak Barrel - Medium Toast - 30 gal.

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This French Oak Medium Toast 30 gallon Wine Barrel has been professionally recoopered for you by the local ReCoop® Barrels. Each barrel has had 1/4 inch of wood planed off of the interior to ensure fresh oak contact with your wine and prevent micro-organism contamination from the barrel's original use. The remaining wood is recoopered and re-toasted resulting in a dependable, like-new barrel with approximately 85% of the oak of a new barrel. Recoopered barrels are a high quality and affordable product for adding that authentic oak barrel quality to your red wine.
  • Volume: 30 Gallons
  • Oak: French
  • Toast: Medium
  • Manufacturer: Recoop® Barrels
  • Weight: 55 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 32 in x 24 in x 24 in.
  • How to Use

    Follow The Beverage People's Barrel Care Instructions here.

    Also, you may additionally like to use the method provided to us by the manager of Recoop.  Set the barrel down on its head with the other head face up.  With very hot water, fill the face-up head cavity (see picture above).  Replace any water in this cavity as it leaks through or swells into the wood.  At the same time, you may fill the inside of the barrel up to bung with water to rehydrate.  Allow to hydrate for at least an hour or two.  Flip the barrel over and repeat on the other side.  Viola---the Recoop quick hydration technique!

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