BTF Iodophor - Sanitizer




About BTF Iodophor:

BTF Iodophor is used to prevent spoilage or contamination by bacteria or wild yeast after cleaning. Use BTF to sanitize all items that will come into direct contact with your beer, wine, cheese, etc. Equipment may be sanitized by boiling in water for a few minutes; this is a popular technique in cheesemaking. Boiling is not suitable for some glass or plastic items and is awkward for large objects. In those cases, a chemical sanitizer is preferred. BTF ™ Iodophor is an iodine based, no rinse, sanitizer. Use at a rate of 1 Tbs. of BTF per 5 gallons of water. Your water should turn orange in color, and smell like iodine. This is what you want. Submerge your equipment and bottles in the solution for two minutes. Remove items and drain any excess liquid. Once the solution is made, you can use it for a few days. Note: if the water begins to lighten in color and or no longer smells like iodine then you will want to make up a fresh solution, or add more BTF Iodophor. Extended uses may stain soft plastics such as hose but this has no effect on sanitation. BTF Iodophor is an excellent bottle sanitizer.


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