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By Daniel B. - Super clean carboys!

"I had a few carboys that sat a bit too long with leftover fermentation gunk, and I wasn't looking forward to working on them with warm water & a brush. On recommendation from the Beverage People, I filled them with water with a teaspoon of Proxycarb, and let them sit for a few hours. Amazingly, they just required a water rinse (no brushing!) and are now spotless!! Thanks Beverage People!"

By Ronald W. - Very easy online

"Very easy online. Pickup went smoothly."

Sodium Percarbonate - Proxycarb




Sodium Percarbonate, also known as Proxycarb, is an alkaline cleaner and is a great all-purpose cleaner. Proxycarb provides activated oxygen in an alkaline sodium carbonate base. It contains an oxygen based bleaching agent and is a common component of “color safe” laundry bleaches. It is gentler than bleaching or using TSP. It is excellent for pourous surfaces, such as wood, but needs a follow up citric acid rinse to reacidify before introducing beverages to wood contact. Use at a rate of 1 tbsp. per gallon for most purposes.


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