Malolactic Bacteria Culture - Viniflora CH16 - Freeze Dried - Treats up to 66 Gals

Malolactic Bacteria Culture - Viniflora CH16 - Freeze Dried - Treats up to 66 Gals

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Malolactic Culture Viniflora CH16 has a maximum alcohol tolerance to 16%. Temperature preferred is 62-77F. In addition. CH16 shows low VA production with clean and fruity flavor profile. Under difficult stress conditions, Acti-ML nutrient (QR38) should be used. Viniflora CH16 is a frozen culture that should always be inoculated directly into the wine. No rehydration or reactivation is required. DO NOT THAW THESE CULTURES. Prolonged exposure to temperatures above -18 C (-0.4 F) before inoculation will damage the quality of the cultures. Make sure that the culture is added to the liquid phase of the wine and is completely dissolved in the wine.
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 16% ABV
  • Total SO2 Tolerance: 50 ppm Total
  • pH Tolerance: Down to pH 3.4
  • Max. Inoculation Volume: 66 Gal.
  • Ideal operating temperature: 62-77 F
How to Use
  • A nutrient specifically formulated for malolactic bacteria, Acti-ML, is available here. It contains nutrients needed by the bacteria as well as cellulose to help keep the organisms buoyant during fermentation.
  • This article discusses the why and how of performing MLF on your wine including MLF strain selection, best practices for success, encouraging or discouraging buttery diacetyl production, and the greatest mystery of them all---determining whether the MLF fermentation has completed:

Click to unravel the mysteries of malolactic fermentation.

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Average rating:
average rating 92%
5 reviews

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Viniflora CH16 09/09/2018
By joe
This product has worked great for me I think more people Should use it particularly with high acid hybrids. Don't be scared off of trying MLF. I use Accuvin Malolactic Acid test to confirm Acid presents and depletion. Also, make sure conditions are right for MLF to start, proper PH and SO2..... I observe Acid conversion and a very significant Taste improvement in the wine.