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Fruit Wine Starter Kit - 6 gallon - Everything But The Fruit

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The Fruit Wine Starter Kit is one of the ideal wine making kits for beginners.  The design and recipe is simple and can be used to make almost any fruit wine at home including Blackberry, Raspberry, Plum, or Cherry Wines---all you will need to provide additionally is the fruit from your garden!

Please note that this starter kit includes ingredients and equipment to get you through a successful harvest, fermentation and aging of the wine, but does not include necessities for packaging.  You may consider your need for a corker, corks and bottles now, or wait until the wine is nearly ready and make your choices then.

In our part of the world here in Sonoma County, California, the summers are flush with the bounty of wonderful fruit.  While grapes are naturally suited to winemaking, making enough sugar and acid on their own, most other fruits lack enough sugar and acid to make wine on their own. Most of the sugar and some of the acid must be added. Because of this, our fruit wine starter kit includes sugar and acid, and several other processing aids, to ensure your final product has the fine balance and stability we expect of a good wine. The fruit will provide color, flavor, some acid and some sugar; and added water, corn sugar (dextrose) and acid will build up these ingredients to actually make wine.

For detailed instructions, which are included in print form with the kit, please click here and enjoy our Fruit Wine Making Recipe(s) and Instructions.

Fruit Wines are delicious and can add award-winning intrigue to your home wine collection.  They also give you a chance to extend the winemaking season beyond the grape harvest!  Many fruit wines can be done with fermentation and aging happily in their carboys before the grapes are fully ripe.

With the equipment and ingredients in this kit, with our Fruit Wine Making Instructions in hand, and the fresh or frozen fruit harvested from your garden, you will be able to make the most of your harvest this year. After all, how much pie and jam can one household eat?  And as Byron Burch, the shop’s founder, was fond of saying, “If it’s got sugar or starch, we can make alcohol with it.” 

How to Use

This kit will provide you all the necessities for a 6 gallon fruit wine fermentation including information on how-to and testing apparatus for sugar and acidity. Depending on your current stock of equipment and winemaking knowledge, you may also consider your need for the following:

Also, you can find fruit winemaking instructions and recipe(s) in the learning section of our website.


This 6 gallon Fruit Winemaking Harvest Kit includes:



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