5 ml resinate clean bittering hops
  • 5 ml resinate clean bittering hops
  • Hop Extract in 5 ml size

HOPDROP™ - Supercritical CO2 Hop Extract - 5 ml Hop Shot for Homebrew

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HOPDROPhop extract is the perfect way to bitter your beers without astringency and without losing volume to excess hop material in the kettle. No hop spider is needed for this hop shot to boost the "clean" bitterness in your homebrew.

Each 5 mL syringe delivers about 50 IBUs in a five gallon batch. HOPDROP™ is packaged in a syringe to 5 ml with a clean cap. It is then packaged in a resealable oxygen barrier bag which has been flushed with nitrogen.

What is HOPDROP™ hop extract?

HOPDROP™ is a pure resin extract of hops by use of CO2 as a solvent in a supercritical fluid state.  The supercritical fluid state of CO2 is achieved when temperature and pressure are increased to a point where the CO2 takes on physical properties between a gas and fluid state, allowing it to be used as a solvent for extracting hop compounds with little damage or denaturing.


Benefits of Bittering with Hop Extract:

  • Reduced vegetal and polyphenol flavor contribution
  • Decreased loss of wort from hop mass in the kettle
  • Less foaming in the kettle when hops are added
  • Variety specific hop character and related notes in beer
  • Increased alpha acid utilization
  • Higher stability of alpha acids, beta acids and hop oils
  • Extended shelf life of the hops compared to whole cone or pellets
How to Use


IBUs or International Bittering Units is a measure of isomerized alpha acids in ppm (parts per million or mg/L).

1 IBU = 1 mg or .001 grams isomerized alpha acids per liter.


To estimate IBU for a 60-90 minute bittering addition:

Grams of Alpha Acids* X 1000 / Liters x 0.35 utilization = IBUs in Your Beer


* Grams of Alpha Acids is identified on the HOPDROP packaging and is unique to each batch of extract.  It is dependent on the original hops from which the extract was made.  The label will identify the number of grams of alpha acids in each 5 ml syringe.

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