Fermenter King Junior - 20 L  - 5.25 Gal - PET Pressure Fermentor & Ball Lock Keg

The Fermenter King Junior is a 5.25 gallon Ball Lock Keg made of high strength PET (polyethylene terephthalate plastic). It is an economical alternative to stainless kegs - perhaps the the World's most affordable 20L pressure fermenter and keg.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Dual Purpose Fermenter and Keg - It can be used like any other keg, or used as a fermentation vessel to perform pressurized fermentations (when a spunding valve is attached).
  • Economical Price - PET plastic, long used as a material for beverage and alcohol storage, is a lower cost material than stainless steel. 
  • Floating Dip Tube - The Junior uses a floating diptube made of silicone and stainless.  This means that the beverage you are serving from the keg is always taken from the top of the keg, not the bottom.  This means clean beer from first pour!
  • Sediment-free Transfers - The walls are crystal clear so you can monitor the liquid as it transfers from vessel to vessel.  Combined with the floating diptube, this results in beautifully clean and clear transfers, leaving the sediment behind.
  • All-in-One Option - If you choose to do so, you can ferment beer in this vessel, and then carbonate and serve without ever transferring to another vessel.  This works best with low-gravity ales without dry hops.  For wines, ciders, lagers, strong ales, and dry-hopped beers, you will likely find that transferring off the sediment is desirable.
  • Use for Wine and Cider - These beverages generally require months or more of storage before drinking.  These kegs can be used for the storage period in place of carboys/tanks, and also can be used in place of bottles for serving the wine/cider.  An argon gas system is recommended for this type of usage.
  • Oxygen-free Transfers - Oxygen free/closed transfer is one of the biggest benefits of pressure fermenting or storing in the Junior. Closed transfer is the most sanitary, low-risk way to move your beverage from vessel to vessel without exposing the beverage to the atmosphere. Done properly, you will also be able to maintain the carbonation you’ve achieved in the fermenter.
  • Faster Time from Brew Day to Drinking - Pressurized fermentation can be performed at a slightly warmer fermentation temperature, speeding up the fermentation process for beer without increasing ester production.  Also, at the end of fermentation, CO2 will already be in solution, speeding up the carbonation process.


Attach a  spunding valve onto the lid and ferment away.  When fitted with a spunding valve for fermentation, you gain the advantage of faster time from start of fermentation to serving on tap.  Other advantages of pressure fermentation include less total CO2 usage and cost, and less opportunity for oxidation during the entire process.


Transferring beer from the Junior to keg or to another Junior is simple, sanitary and practically anerobic (oxygen free) when performed under pressure with the ease of the included pressure lid.  A spunding valve (not-included) is very helpful if you choose to perform pressurized transfers. The floating dip tube allows only the bright beer to be picked up while leaving the sediment behind.


The Fermenter King Junior can carbonate your clear, conditioned beer and the beer can then be dispensed directly to tap, removing the need to wait for your beer to carbonate in bottles. Beer served direct from the keg is fresh, bright and full flavoured, completely uncompromised by oxygen.


Keg King is the registered business name of MCH Australia based in Melbourne. From their Melbourne offices, two warehouses, and factory, they specialize in providing innovative, high quality and cost effective home brewing and beer dispensing equipment since 2010. Their mission is to make the best home brewing and keg dispensing gear in the world. From engineering to manufacturing, and marketing to distribution---Keg King is a global leader in homebrewing with everything you need to brew and dispense the best brews you have ever tasted.

Their line of Kegmaster Series 4 kegerator fridges makes serving beer on tap at home simple and affordable. From commercial breweries to home breweries, Keg King supplies equipment supported by knowledgeable staff, with ongoing improvements and upgrades from their engineering department.

Their bottom line is simple. They love good beer and strive to support the craft and home brewing communities with education, sponsorship and unique products to make each brew day easier and our beers even tastier.

SpecificationsManufactured in Australia by MHC Australia (Keg King).
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