Belgian Pilsener Malt - 1.5L - 55 lbs.

Belgian Pilsener Malt - 1.5L - 55 lbs.

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Castle Belgian Pilsner Malt - 1.5° Lovibond - is a two row pilsner malt from Belgium which makes a fantastic base malt for Trappist and Farmhouse style ales. The light color is complimented by a delicate biscuity flavor and hay like aroma. For more information on various malts and grains, take a look at Byron Burch's Guide to Malts and Grain.

  • Malt Style: Base Malt
  • Diastatic Power: Yes
  • Flavor: Light and Crisp, Slightly Bready
  • Color: 1.5° Lovibond - Contributes light straw color
  • Maltster: Castle Malting
How to Use
Due to the light kilning of this malt, a 90 minute (or greater) wort boil is recommended to prevent excessive DMS (corn or vegetal aroma) in your finished beer.


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