Belgian Pilsener Malt - 1.5L - 55 lbs.

Belgian Pilsener Malt - 1.5L - 55 lbs.

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Castle Belgian Pilsner Malt - 1.5° Lovibond - is a two row pilsner malt from Belgium which makes a fantastic base malt for Trappist and Farmhouse style ales. The light color is complimented by a delicate biscuity flavor and hay like aroma.

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  • Malt Style: Base Malt
  • Diastatic Power: Yes
  • Flavor: Light and Crisp, Slightly Bready
  • Color: 1.5° Lovibond - Contributes light straw color
  • Maltster: Castle Malting
How to Use
Due to the light kilning of this malt, a 90 minute (or greater) wort boil is recommended to prevent excessive DMS (corn or vegetal aroma) in your finished beer.

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Average rating:
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1 reviews

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Per your request: 12/01/2020
By Dwight Bradish
Very easy access to your trailer, we picked up what we needed, we appreciate the timing of your text we received it while at the homebrewers house which was a mile or 2 away from your store, so we came right over and conveniently picked up our order. We haven't brewed yet, the first scheduled brew will be Saturday the 12th by my friend who will be brewing his first batch, I've been brewing for over a quarter of a century, and fermenting for over half a century. So I'll be brewing around XMAS.