DV10 DV 10 Cider Wine Champagne Yeast

4 oz DV10, Cider and Wine Yeast

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DV 10 Cider and Wine Yeast can be used for Cider, Sparkling Base, Late Harvest, Fruit Wine, and White Wine when clean minerality is desired.

It is considered a "workhorse" yeast that can handle high SO2 levels and high alcohol levels while maintaining a clean fermentation that respects varietal character.  It is similar to the popular Prise de Mousse "Champagne Yeast" but lower in bitter sensory contribution and relatively low in phenolic extraction.


The best choices of yeast to ferment apple or pear cider, as well as fruit wines, are often very neutral and low nutrient need yeasts.  An extremely "clean" fermentation character, which can be best achieved at cooler fermentation temperatures and with the use of yeast stains such as DV 10, will allow the varietal character of the fruit to play the dominant role in the end product.  If the fruit you are working with is fresh and a high quality that you wish to showcase in your beverage, DV10 is an ideal choice.

  • Brand: Lalvin
  • Strain Origin: Champagne, France
  • Temperature Range: 50-95 °F - secondary fermentation at 50 - 57 °F are successful.
  • Ester/Phenol Production: low
  • SO2 and H2S Production: low
  • SO2 tolerance: high
  • Foaming: low
  • Nitrogen Demand: low
  • Alcohol Tolerance: up to 18% abv
How to Use

Our Yeast Recommendation Chart provides specifications about alcohol tolerance, temperature range, nutrient needs, vigor, and much more.  It will allow you to compare our whole selection of available strains and narrow down to the perfect yeast choice.

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