Wyeast 4007 MLF Bacterial Culture

Wyeast 4007 Malolactic Fermentation - Liquid MLF Bacterial Culture

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About Wyeast 4007 Malolactic Fermentation - MLF - Bacterial Culture

The Wyeast 4007 Malolactic Fermentaion Culture comes in a liquid form which is directly pitchable and requires no re-hydration steps. This MLF blend is suitable for any wine with an excessive malic acid sharpness. MLF is popular in Chardonnay as well as Pinot Noir and many other red wine varieties. Malolactic Fermentaion or MLF is the conversion of malic acid, a sharp tasting acid, to lactic acid which tastes softer. This fermentation is performed by a bacterial culture, most often oenococcus oeni. Some diacetyl is produced as well, leaving a soft buttery mouthfeel.

Specifications for Wyeast 4007 Malolactic Fermentation - MLF - Bacterial Culture

  • Alcohol Tolerance: 15% ABV
  • Free SO2 Tolerance: 15 ppm
  • pH Tolerance: Down to pH 2.9
  • Max. Inoculation Volume: 6 Gal.
  • Min. operating temperature: 55 F
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