Melody Wine Yeast Blend - 4 oz

Melody Wine Yeast Blend - 4 oz

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Melody is a blend of Saccharomyces and non-Saccharomyces wine yeasts designed to promote exotic floral and stone fruit aromas in white wines while preserving acidity. Melody is made up of 60% S. cerevisiae, 20% L. thermotolerans, and 20% T. delbrueckii. Use Melody in white wines and delicate reds or rosés 

The general intention of the introduction of non-Saccharomyces strains into the blend is to bring back the complexity and full potential of a "wild" or traditional fermentation.  True "wild" fermentations are plagued with the byproducts of undesirable organisms---particularly brettanomyces.  Also, wild strains are undependable alcohol producers and often die from ethanol poisoning before the fermentation is complete.  By introducing lab cultured non-Sacchromyces stains into your fermentation, you can increase the aromatic complexity and mouthfeel of your wine, while the presence of a strong Sacchromyces strain ensures a strong and complete finish to the fermentation.

About Torulaspora Delbrueckii: Increases wine viscosity and fullness.  It is a heavy producer of annoproteins and polysaccharides.  It can help mask the green bell pepper characteristics of pyrazine compounds in under ripe fruit.  Known to produce plum-like esters.

About Lachancea Thermotolerans: Produces lactic acid.  During the fermentation, the lactic acid is then converted partially to ethyl lactate which provides aromatics of strawberry and other red berries.  Aromatics are an integration of red fruit, black fruit, and spice.  Increases total acidity due to the lactic acid formation. 

  • Alcohol tolerance: 17%
  • Optimal Temperature Range: 59 - 82 Farenheit
  • Cold Tolerance:  50 Farenheit
  • pH tolerance: 3.2
  • SO2 tolerance: 30 ppm total at crush
How to Use
Bear in mind that non-Sacchromyces stains may be hurt by pre-fermentation additions of SO2 sulfite. These additions should be kept to a minimum or omitted completely.

Our Yeast Recommendation Chart provides specifications about alcohol tolerance, temperature range, nutrient needs, vigor, and much more.  It will allow you to compare our whole selection of available strains and narrow down to the perfect yeast choice.

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