tank topper airlock riser
  • tank topper airlock riser
  • tank topper airlock riser
  • tank topper airlock riser

TankToppr™ Airlock Riser

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The exclusive TankToppr™ Airlock Riser is the best way to prevent leaking and excessive headspace in your variable capacity tank. The riser allows you to completely fill your VC tank while the small headspace provided by the riser allows for seasonal expansion and contraction of the wine without reaching your airlock. Not included: #9 stopper and airlock or #9 silicone breather bung.

How to Use

To avoid breaking these plastic fittings, we recommend using TWO white gaskets, one on top and one on bottom of the stainless lid, and lubricate the top gasket with some thick food-grade gel such as petrol gel.  With the extra gasket and gel, you won't have to crank on the nut as hard to make a seal, and you will reduce your risk of breaking the plastic.

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