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Waterloo Wibier Belgian Wheat Beer Recipe

"Waterloo" Belgian Wheat Beer
Belgian Wheat

5 lbs. 6-Row Lager Malt
4 1/2 lbs. White Wheat Malt
8 oz. Flaked Wheat
8 oz. Flaked Oats
3/4 tsp. Gypsum
1/4 tsp. Calcium Cholride
1/4 oz. Mt. Hood or Hallertau Hops (FW) 4.4 IBU
1 oz. Mt. Hood or Hallertau Hops (60 min.) 17.6 IBU
1/2-1 oz. Bitter Orange Peel (to taste*)
1-2 oz. crushed Coriander (to taste*)
3/4 cup Corn Sugar for priming
1 pack #3944
SG 1.046-50
IBU 22
Upward Infusion Mash. Mash 30 min. at 100 F, 30 min. at 120 F, and 90 min. at 150 F. Mash off and sparge. Boil 90 min. Make Coriander and Orange Peel teas by boiling each for 10 minutes in two cups water. Cool and add each to taste just before stirring in priming sugar.  

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