Bentonite - KWK - 5 lbs.

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FN32 - 2 oz | FN11 - 1 lb | FN10-B5 - 5 lb


Recommended for use in the following applications


White Wine, Rosé, Fruit Wine for protein removal and heat stability.

When to Use

Usually post-fermentation.  Rack in 1-2 weeks. Allow 3 weeks to settle before bottling.

Preparation & Use Instructions

Bentonite requires that a slurry be made up a day in advance. Measure out a 750 ml. bottle of water, and heat it to boiling. Slowly stir in 1 oz. of Bentonite. Mix it thoroughly for about one minute in a blender and funnel back into the 750 ml. wine bottle. Close with a silicone or latex stopper and let it stand for a day. Shake up the slurry to thoroughly mix it back into solution and then thoroughly stir 1/4 cup into each five gallons of wine. Rack as usual after 1 to 2 weeks.

Rate of Use

1/4 cup of slurry per 5 gallons.

Molecular Charge and Molecular Targets

Negatively charged.  Attracts proteins and anthocyanin color compounds.

How to Use


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