Island Harmony - Toasted Coconut Porter - Partial Mash Extract Beer Kit - 5 Gal
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Island Harmony - Toasted Coconut Porter - Partial Mash Extract Beer Kit - 5 Gal

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Beer Style:  This Hawaiian creation is dark cola brown with ruby highlights. It smells milky sweet with fudge, roast, and toasted coconut. Flavors include dark brown sugars and of course coconut.

Dominant Ingredients and Characteristics:  Roasted malts and Dark Candi Syrup develop a rich but not over-aggressive base which is softened and complimented with loads of toasted coconut.

Brew Day: 3 - 4 hours
Total Days from Brew Day to Drinking
If Bottled: 3 - 7 weeks
If Kegged: 2 - 5.5 weeks


Consider The Ideal Environment For This Beer

Fermentation: 60 – 72° F
Bottle Conditioning: 60 – 70° F
Keg Conditioning: 32 – 45° F
Storage and Drinking: 32 – 55° F

Our Island Harmony Toasted Coconut Porter kit is a vacation in a pint glass. Don't be afraid to brew this dark beer for the summertime! It will pour a clear, dark cola brown with ruby red highlights (when held to the light) and a creamy tan head. Smells milky sweet with fudge, dark chocolate, roasted malts, and toasted coconut. Take a sip. In the flavor are dark brown sugars, coconut, iced coffee, and bitter dark chocolate. The body is light to medium, but not watery. It is balanced, and creamy, with a dry finish. Aloha!

  • OG: 1.065
  • ABV: ~6.4%
  • IBU: 35
  • This kit contains all the ingredients you'll need to make five gallons of beer. You will be following a two stage fermentation system using a plastic bucket as a primary fermentor to contain the beer until heavy foaming ceases. The beer is then siphoned into a secondary fermentor, a five gallon carboy where the beer stays until fermentation is complete.

    Be sure you have all the equipment below before getting started. We carry everything you'll need to get brewing.

    How to Use

    Equipment Needed:

    • Boiling kettle 4 gallons or larger, made of stainless steel or enameled steel.
    • A stirring spoon.
    • Plastic bucket (primary fermentor) of at least 6 gallon capacity and a lid.
    • A 5 gallon bottle (secondary fermentor).
    • Fermentation lock and stopper.
    • Siphon assembly and bottle filler.
    • 55 twelve oz. Beer bottles, or an equivalent amount of larger cappable bottles.
    • Bristle bottle brush, Cleaner, such as TDC, and Sanitizer, such as BTF Iodophor Sanitizer.
    • Sieve strainer and a saucepan.

    Enjoy an article by Gabe Jackson discussing the process of developing this recipe after taking inspiration from Maui Brewing Company on a Hawaiian vacation.

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