Fermentation Locks & Stoppers


Your Success is Our Success

By Brad C. - Beverage People with the win - Silicone Breather Bung

"So easy to use and far superior to the water filled ones. You don't get the bubble but you can open and close a carboy with ease. Plus there's no threat of an airlock losing water due to evaporation."

By Thomas N. - Quick, efficient order & pickup

"A quick and efficient order and pickup. Items were in stock and the order was ready in less than the 2 hours quoted (actually something like 45 minutes). Probably faster than going in to the store in person!"

By Kevin K. - The Best Airlock - S-Fermentation Lock

"These airlocks are simple to use and you can see them working right before your eyes, as the gases bubble through the apparatus. Sturdy and they fit all sizes of the tapered rubber stoppers."